Did you receive a renewal notice by email or as an insert in your copy?

It's time to renew your subscription!*

*Keep in mind that the magazine takes a few weeks to get to you, so if you renewed online after June 15, that won't be shown on the piece of paper.

During checkout, you may enter the code "renew39" for $15 off your renewal.

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How to Renew

1. Use the drop down menu options to select your appropriate location and subscription period. You'll automatically save another $30 when you renew for two years!

2. Click renew.

3. Follow the prompts to place your order. Please type in your name and address as indicated on your renewal notice. If you have an address change please type in your new information. (There's no need to log in.)

4. Add the code "renew39" during checkout when prompted for a discount code. 

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