Patterns in Design, Art and Architecture

cover.jpgIn 1908, Adolf Loos condemned decor as a 'sure sign of the degeneration of society".  In his essay, 'Ornament and Crime,' he explained how if one give in to his desire for ornamentation it is obvious he has no regard for the greater good of society.  Much like someone who would cover themselves in tattoos, Loos proposed, the ornamentation of architecture and utility objects is a bold display of 'childish behavior, sexual recklessness and dissipated hedonism'.

Oh how things have changed.

Pattern is exploding back onto the scene in architecture, art and design, and is constantly being reinvented and rediscovered by such designers as Heinrich Weid, Francis Soler and Olaf Nicolai.  This beautiful text exhibits contemporary pattern use in textiles, landscaping, industrial design, architecture, interior design, and art while recounting the history and impact of this fundamental design tool.