In our library for little ones

Baby Flip-a-Face: Woof-Woof  - Click Image to Close



On top of all the unique titles for grown-ups, UPPERCASE also carries books for all the little people in your life!  A recent addition to our library of books for children is "Baby Flip-a-face: Woof Woof," published by Blue Apple Books.  This nine-page soft-edged picture book by SAMi explores 9 different animals, helping little ones associate the animal sounds with the images.  Flip the pages over and rounded die-cuts change the animals from mouse to pig, lamb to bird, all in graphically appealing black, white and red illustrations.  Clear, simple pictures along with the large rounded die-cuts make this cute book a hands-on experience for toddlers, who will have fun sounding out all the animal noises and transforming the little faces.

 Baby Flip-a-Face: Woof-Woof