P.I.E. Books: I love you!


The shipment that arrived today was full of outstanding items from the Japanese publisher, P.I.E. Books. Pictured above are a few tantalizing slices. Some other new items include journals by Tim Biskup and Gary Baseman, plus their limited edition "Modular Populous" set of cards in which you can mix and match Baseman and Biskup heads, torsos and bottoms to create bizarre creatures. piebooks1.jpg

I can't stop admiring this arrangement of books: "Days", a beautiful hardbound book of postcards; "Chewing Gum's Wrapping Paper Collection"; and the "Salvia Guide to Tokyo", which makes me want to hop on the next plane to Japan.

Since this was my first order from this publisher (I hadn't seen many of these books in person), I ordered only a single copy of each... so come in soon to claim your favourite!