Skulking & Schlepping

The School of Visual Arts offeres a class called "Skulking & Schlepping: Stories about New York People" as part of the first year MFA in Designer as Author. The class description reads, "each student will select an individual and tell their story in a variety of design media. Students will be required to develop a humanistic interpretation of their subject. A portion of the classes will take place off campus."

The result is "The Suitcase Project" – ten suitcases repurposed into portable art objects. Instructor Maira Kalman writes, "Each suitcase is a story. Once told or waiting to be told." 

 I'm particularly fond of Esther Wu's suitcase (second from the top) which explores the life of a nun, and Zeynep Orbay's suitcase of future/desired memories (two bottom images).