Couture Interiors


Couture Interiors by Marnie Fogg

Now here's a gorgeous book! Fashion and interior design have a natural relationship; many fashion designers also expand their aesthetics into interiors for the shops as well as products for home decor. "The home is now subject to the same directional trends as fashion, in part because so many designers are extending their practice to include interiors, as well as products and accessories. The fusion between fashion and interiors has never been more relevant. The proliferation of ideas, the speed of manufacture, and an increasingly visually literate consumer, have all resulted in interiors being subject to the same desire for innovation, change and fashionability as fashion. This investigation of the hectic dissemination of trends takes the reader on an eclectic, adventurous excursion into living with fashion." (from the publisher's website)

One of my favourites is above - a peek into Orla Kiely's studio (directly above). Inspirations mood boards, catwalk images paired with product designs, fabrics, textures, great photography - this is a must-have book for all style lovers. More photos here.