Rex Ray Art & Design


Rex Ray is a San Francisco artist and designer who makes beautiful paper collages. The images above are from his website, except for the second from the top which is a shot of his newly-published book.

The process used in these works began by cutting up magazines for my own pleasure. (see paper collages). It's as simple as scissors, paper, and glue. As these works became more popular I began drawing, painting, and block printing various archival papers for source material.These papers are then cut up, collaged and assembled on plywood panels. The panels are then coated with a high gloss epoxy resin.

The new monograph on his work is really inspirational – it makes me want to start cutting and pasting all the eclecto scraps that I have. The book and a Rex Ray notebook are available in our store. You can enter to win an original artwork on the publisher's website and visit his work at Gallery 16 in San Francisco.