On Being 2

cake.gifMy friend Erin sent me this list of a child’s development at 18-36 months. Much of this is true of UPPERCASE at 24 months:

I may know up to 200 words in my home language and sometimes in a second language, too.

I can put words together into sentences.

I can tell you about things that happened yesterday and about what will happen tomorrow.

I may get frustrated trying to express myself. I need you to listen patiently. It can help if you put into words what you think I am trying to say because it makes me feel understood and helps me learn new words.

I also communicate by using my body. I make up dances, songs, and stories, and I draw pictures that tell you what is on my mind.

I love hearing and reading stories, especially about things I know—like animals, families, and places I have visited.

Sometimes I like to “read” or tell you a story.

I like songs, fingerplays (like “Itsy-Bitsy Spider”) and games with nonsense words.