Congratulations, Aaron!


Congratulations to one of UPPERCASE's favourite illustrators, Aaron Leighton and his creative team behind The Zimmer Twins. On April 18, they won an international interactive Emmy, presented in Cannes. 

Join psychic twins, Eva and Edgar Zimmer and their cat “13” as they discover the perils of teleportation, fortune cookies, and searching for hidden treasures. Each animated short ends in a cliffhanger that invites the viewer to tell us what happens next online at Using a unique movie-making tool, kids can create their own movies by assembling scenes, characters, backgrounds and even adding their own dialogue. They can share these movies with others as well as post comments about other movies. The best online movies then are produced for television - adding voiceovers, music and sound effects - and broadcast on Teletoon Canada. The Zimmer Twins is unique because the audience creates the stories. The series marries the strengths of television and the internet by inviting kids to use their imagination and drive the story.