Magne F




I was thinking about the fun eighties music that we'll be playing for tonight's rollerskating evening... one of my favourite songs and music videos was definitely A-ha's "Take on Me". I went to their website to see if they're still around and found a link to their guitarist/keyboardist's artwork. Magne Furuholmen has  developed a successful career as a visual artist and his latest exhibition is in London. His recent work involves text and printmaking on canvas and ceramics.

Furuholmen’s artwork is a constant game with the structures of language - a game in which the visual qualities of words are just as important as the semantic meaning of the words themselves. His signature is to be found across a wide range of media. As a visual artist however, he is particularly interested in working with various printmaking processes. He enjoys the commitment inherent in the decision-making that occurs in the printing process: “Whatever is sent through the printing-press is irreversible. After the artist has made the decision to print, there is no possible retreat.” Nevertheless, it would be wrong to consider him a printmaker in the traditional sense. A closer look at Furuholmen’s production leaves the viewer in no doubt of the systematic way in which he explores a wide variety of printing methods, often pushing boundaries and making use of the untried potential of a chosen technique, be it etching, monotypes or woodcuts. He often chooses unexpected strategies in order to achieve a particular result, best suited to the artistic concept he is working with.

 It is truly gorgeous work, and his artwork website is elegant and rich with images and content.