Movie Review

lovehate.gifHelvetica was a very enjoyable documentary movie. Although the majority of the audience was likely connected to the design industry in some way, I think the sincerity of the film, along with its lively visuals, interesting music and eclectic cast of graphic design "heroes", would entertain and inform a broader audience. It was nice to sit in the theatre and share laughs with a like-minded crowd.

Although this was a movie about a typeface, it was also about personality: the character of this ubiquitous typeface, and the character of the interviewed designers and their work spaces. Some interview highlights and studio glimpses included Massimo Vignelli (spare and to the point), Erik Spiekermann (arrogant, opinionated, hilarious), Stefan Sagmeister (his office wall is mirrored! it figures – he can admire himself all day long), Michael Bierut (always amusing), David Carson (up to his old tricks), Paula Scher (playful), Jonathan Hoefler (smart, erudite) & Tobias Frere-Jones (eloquent).

I look forward to viewing the DVD when it is released later this fall. It's definitely Helvetica Love for me.