Beyond Magazine, Issue 16


This is a project I have designed for many years. It is a wonderful nonprofit, independent publication full of great visuals and interesting text. Issue 16 (the best one yet!) has cover art by Marc Johns and illustrations/art by as Katie Radke, Byron Eggenschwiler, Gordon Wiebe, Stefan Thompson and James Mejia plus photographs from 3191: a year of mornings by Stephanie Congdon Barnes and Maria (Mav) Vettese. There are articles on film, music, coffee, libraries, books and all things small. The article on “The Small Art Revolution” covers artists and projects such as Thumbtack Press, The Small Object, Little Otsu, Etsy and many more. You can see more images from the magazine here and purchase or subscribe to Beyond here.

“Beyond is the little magazine about a lot of things. We operate as a portable art gallery – not big enough to require a building but not small enough to be written on a grain of rice. We work with poets, writers, thinkers, artists, and readers to create a thought-provoking magazine containing a good dose of silliness. Or a dollop of silliness. Dose or dollop. We love the connections that develop via the Beyond community, where readers and creators from all kinds of backgrounds meet both inside and outside our pages. We’re not-for-profit, independent, and free of advertising. And we’re reader-supported through subscriptions and donations.”


$36 for three issues if you live in Canada.
$39 for three issues if you live in the USA.