Eclecto notebooks


The perfect travel companion, “Near & Far” contains old maps, geography textbooks and historic images, allowing you to travel in time and space.

Be inspired to compose your next best-seller with “Read & Write”. Vintage papers include dictionary pages, images of great authors, pages of fiction and inspiring images of old.

For recording your creative endeavours, “Arts & Crafts” notebooks inspire your projects with inserted pages fun old-school craft books, needlework magazines, and crazy fashions from the 1970s.

"Flora & Fauna" contains encyclopedia pages, National Geographics, Audubon animals and other representations of animals and plants.

“Facts & Figures” contain old ledger paper, indexes, tabulated figures, how-to and other methodology of yesteryear.

“Peas & Carrots” contains old recipe books, Women’s Day magazines and images of food like Grandma used to make.

Details, below, of the transparent covers, interior lined and vintage papers, and the spine detailing.