Elegant eyeballs

Eyeballs are pretty awful or awful pretty, depending on  how you look at them of course. The images above demonstrate how their strange beauty sits at the crossroads of art and medical science. 

The top image is a piece from our Nightmares exhibition entitled, "Optic Macula." It's actually a polaroid image of my friend Carolyn's eyeball captured by laser.  In person Carolyn's eyes appear kind, and they are a striking shade of midnight blue in color.  Here the technological effect is haunting - to me her eye looks like the planet Mars on fire.

The second "Eyeball" is a painting by the Brooklyn-based artist Hollister Hovey which she did as part of a Healthcare campaign.  Don't eyeballs appear nude without lashes? To see more of Hovey's lovely portrait painting you can visit her website.  To take home Carolyn's otherworldly eyeball ($28, framed), please contact the gallery.