Beautiful Old School coincidence

I was feeling a bit wistful about this being the last weekend of the Old School show until I stumbled across my own beautiful coincidence, one of the literary/Old School variety. 

Old School

I haven't read the novel so I can't recommend that book, but I will urge everyone and anyone who is looking for an exceptional story, to read Wolff's exquisite "Firelight."  Also set on a campus, it is a spare and honest work of fiction. A prime example of why Wolff's writing has come to be recognized as part of the distinctive 'dirty realism' genre of literature. 

I think the simple, raw beauty of his prose and the heartfelt quality of his human observations are closely tied to the aesthetics of Old School art, all of which is lovingly collected in our Old School book

In keeping with the UPPERCASE Old School motto: 'Read Earnestly, Remember Longer, Feel More.'

A very happy weekend to all and I hope to see as many visitors as possible for the final weekend of Old School!  *All the artworks in this exhibition are now officially discounted at 20% off.