DIY handmade holiday greeting cards

Before Andy Warhol became a super famous pop artist designing Christmas cards for Tiffany's, he would hone his skills and express his holiday wishes by making handmade cards in the comforts of home. I read recently that he took so much joy out of making Christmas cards each year that he often started to design his card for the upcoming year the day after Christmas!

If Andy can start a year in advance, I think all of us card-making fanatics can safely say the time is NOW! And for all of you crafty crafters, we have the perfect book to help you design and create the loveliest, most original, festive, handmade happy holiday cards ever.

The authors of handmade hellos, Eunice and Sabrina Moyle of Hello!Lucky Letterpress offer easy to follow step-by-step instructions for a variety of styles - pop-up, thumbprint, fabric collage, photo ornament, accordian, embossed stencil, silhouette - as well as occassions: birth announcements, Valentines, birthday, cocktail party invites, thank you, everyday greetings and holidays galore! The best part is, the book, templates included, is available for $22.95. Please check here for a list of other great books we carry celebrating the DIY handmade spirit of art and design.