Renata Liwska's show opens tonight from 5-9pm in UPPERCASE. (It is also Art Central's 4th birthday party and the wearable art fashion show, so many great reasons to attend this First Thursday.) In honour of her artwork and new children's book, Little Panda, today I will post some Panda-related articles.

Did you know you can adopt a panda? (photo credit)

"Giant pandas are one of the world’s most threatened species – as few as 1,600 remain in the wild and face continual threats to their survival. These reserved creatures are found only in remote areas of the Upper Yangtze forests, where they feed on bamboo shoots. A newborn cub is about the size of a stick of butter, weighs only three to five ounces, and is totally dependent upon its mother for the first few months of life. For over four decades the Panda logo has been a recognizable symbol of WWF and its efforts in wildlife and habitat conservation."