A Different Kind of 'Snow Show'

Hans Christian Anderson's "The Snow Queen," originally published in 1845, (Edmund Dulac illustrations above) offers a decidedly darker perspective on the science of snow than the celebratory, chef-inspired one depicted in Carolyn Fisher's contemporary work. If you haven't read Anderson's classic fairytale, I highly recommend it for all ages. Although beware the 'terrible snowflakes.'

And don't miss out on "The Snow Show" folks! The gallery is decked out in enchanting paper snowflakes and Carolyn has been generous enough to allow us to display her sketches, storyboards, draft notes and various other pieces of creative process vital to making an illustrated children's book. It's an ideal outing for all ages, creative types and people who just want to escape the real cold weather for a little make-believe.

*We have a select number of Carolyn's signed books still available for purchase. You can call the gallery if you would like one set aside to give to a special little someone. I am delighted to be giving the book to my 5 year old nephew Nicolas who loves science and snow and I know will will be amazed by Carolyn's outstanding blend of information and imagination.

Give the gift of books - they never go out of style!