Type Tuesday: Bananas


The image of the supermarket from the previous post made me think of other types of food labelling. Some of the smallest ones? Banana labels! A quick google search of "banana label collections" brought up the personal website of Becky Martz, a busy mother of five. (It is thanks to her son, Aaron, that the collection is online.) One of a small tribe of serious banana label collectors, Becky travelled from her home in Houston to Munich in 2001 to meet with 18 other collectors. Like all collections, it began with just a few stickers. Her collection now totals more than 6000. Her site is featured on a list of "5 Saddest Online Museums," but it doesn't appear that Becky is sad about this at all. She also collects broccoli and asparagus rubber bands.


I might as well throw this link in here now... The Condiment Packet Gallery found via Coudal's Museum of Online Museums.