Paperbag Clothing Special Event

This Saturday evening, clothing designer Kathie Armstrong will be launching the spring line of Paperbag Clothing. The event takes place in UPPERCASE from 7pm - 9pm. Tickets are $15 and available at the door. Join Kathie for wine & cheese, music and 25% off her clothing products.

"As far as my own work goes, I feel as if it is still taking shape and finding its form stylistically. The clothes I produce have a rough jagged look that I love. It has a rawness to it that helps the viewer to appreciate it both as a means for communicating clothing design and as a conceptual art piece. I rely on textures and shapes to complete my collections and love to offset a piece with different size pockets, random shaped buttons or contrast stitching.

When designing a collection, I start out with some basic rough sketches. From there I develop a theme and work my collection around the theme because I like when pieces can relate to one another. I usually have an idea of the type of fabrics I want to use, which is also incorporated into the designing process. It can take up to five protocols before I feel I have mastered the fit and look of a piece. I know a piece is done when I can put it on and want to wear it right away."

Kathie trained at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. She has designed high-end couture for New York Fashion Week as well as sports/yoga wear for Lululemon Athletica. "I ended up designing sportswear because it is what i buy and can relate to. I think you have to have some emotional connection with your product or you’ll never expresses your true creativity."