Type Tuesday: Black Market Type & Print Shop


While exploring Montreal a few evenings ago, we came across the artist-run gallery, Articule. Although it was late in the evening, they kindly let us in to preview their new show: Black Market Type & Print Shop by Steve Lambert. Inspired by the proliferation of DIY fonts of the 1990s, the artist has appropriated (ie scanned) letterforms from contemporary artists' publications and created unauthorized fonts. The resulting 20 fonts include artists such as Margaret Kilgallen, R. Crumb, Marcel Dzama and David Shrigley. Select designers were then invited to created posters using the fonts. Visitors to the gallery can also create new work with these black market fonts, but only on the work stations set up in the gallery. "The effect of which is a distribution of the aesthetics of contemporary art into the media stream of lost-dog announcements, rock show flyers, for-sale notices and other street-post ephemera."