Work/Life update

All of the promotional copies have been mailed to our participants' dream clients as well as a list of the top publishers, designers and advertising agencies across North America. Work/Life is being well-received and many people have emailed in to thank us for sending them a copy. One of our participants has been hired by Chronicle Books, thanks to the project. 

I have sent the book to all the main design/illustration magazines, so hopefully they will decide to mention Work/Life. Communication Arts online will be featuring it in early August in their Exhibit category. The online preview is on fire: it has surpassed 16,000 views! The book will be for sale at the upcoming ICON illustration conference in New York.

At the end of June, the book's cover price will return to its regular price ($24.95) so I encourage you to purchase your copy now while it is just $20! (Participants - if you'd like additional copies, just let me know)