LEGO 50-15

A while ago, Derek Beaulieu invited me to participate in a collaborative project which was a "constraint-based writing and artwork portfolio." Derek writes, "Lego was created 50 years ago this year, and has been an inspiration for generations of kids. Those kids are us. Lego was the toy—i know i spent endless full days creating cities, spaceships, creatures and more (and still have a box full of Lego)—it taught us to think. So many poets, writers and artists have since taken this modular thinking and applied it to their own oeuvre (how many of you have files, packages, piles and gatherings of inspiring things, tools for one day?) ...”

We were given a pdf of the original American patent application to use as we wished, but limited to a single letter-sized sheet of paper. For my submission, I decided to construct something out of the lego drawing. By stacking the diagram, it created an Escher-like pattern, in which the surface places tricks on your eyes.

The completed portfolio has an edition of 60 copies and contains work by Elizabeth Bachinsky, Jonathan Ball, Christian Bök, Steven Collis, Craig Dworkin, Chris Ewart, Jesse Ferguson, Helen Hajnoczky, Mark Laliberte, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Ross Priddle, Jenny Samprisi, Blake Smith, Andrew Topel and Janine Vangool.

LEGO 50-15 is available for $10 each (including shipping) from Derek at: