Type Tuesday: A Bad Type Manifesto

"I expect good typography. I read the design annuals, stare at the images. The styles and the work change and I know what to expect. On occasion I am impressed with perfection. It doesn’t happen often; that’s what makes it special. My experience and understanding of the subject have prepared me to encounter it. I like to put myself in the designer’s shoes, and I kid myself ‘Yes, that’s what I would have done, given the time.’ New fashions come along, challenging the values of the old; I sit up and question whether or not these pieces are  good. But all, in time becomes subsumed and absorbed, re-establishing what is called the norm. And so it goes on.

But what I cannot prepare myself for is the uncompromisingly bad. Not mundane, dull or tepid, but bad. It is inspiring in its insularity, in its unwillingness to aspire to mediocrity. How could they have even thought of doing that?" continue reading Nigel Bents' Manifesto.