UPPERCASE After School Specials, Wednesdays 5 - 5:45pm

Remember the bubble gum machine intros for abc Afterschool Specials? The Old School celebration of early education aesthetics continues with Wednesday After School Special screenings in the gallery, 5-5:45pm.

Please join us for this week's episode: "Dear Lovey Hart: I am Desperate." Popcorn twists are free and schooling in the seventies looks slow and sweet.  Not to mention star-studded...

We have had many comments and requests to show some of the grittier Afterschool Specials ('Angel Dust' starring Helen Hunt..) but UPPERCASE is playing it cool and keeping the fun clean and all-ages for this show folks.

Afterschool Specials represent a nostalgic pastime and a guilty pleasure but they are also a significant landmark in television history. The series blended the melodrama of classic exploitation cinema with a sincere educational mandate and established a cult teen following in the process. TV buffs might be interested to note that Brandon Stoddard, the creative force at abc who gave the go ahead to launch Afterschool Specials in the seventies also had the good smarts and style to green light David Lynch's stellar - and spooky - television series 'Twin Peaks' some twenty years later.

For any Afterschool Special fans who can't make it to the gallery but care to reminisce from a distance, check out the following snippet from a classic episode: 'My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel.'   For a new take on an old script, see Vince Vaughn's re-enactment of his early role in an Afterschool Special about the perils of steroid abuse among young athletes. The guy definitely has Old School spirit!