Type Tuesday: Office Types

It is not a surprise that small things found in the common office can cross-pollinate with typography. These bull dog clips become letterforms through Dave Wood's thoughtful perspectives.

These alphabetical paper clips by Stephen Reed can add order and style to your paper piles.

The paperclip's iconic lines and curves has inspired quite a few typefaces. The one above is a free font called Pageclips - it might be useful for a word or two, but the execution could have been more refined (on the E for example). The Australian type foundry Paragraph has a typeface inspired by bent paperclips.

One of my favourite typefaces that I employ on a fairly regular basis is Eric Olsen's Klavika. Although it does not overtly reference paperclips, the proportions and and angles really to make me think of bending wires. And unlike the two previous fonts, this one is an expertly designed typeface, suitable for typesetting and logo work.

Now that you've used up all your paperclips and papers are scattered across your desk, why not make letterforms out of folding simple photocopy paper like designer Daniella Spinat has done here:

Or Lala Ladcani's folded alphabet:

If you rip the paper, you can always use some tape: (Will Perrens via Sarah Fleming)

and Daniel Eatock:

Do you know of any more office-inspired alphabets? If so, leave your links and suggestions in the comments.