Baby blues

Although most of the artworks in Old School celebrate the joy of learning and the innocence of childhood, not everything is rosy when you're a child. Kim Scafuro, Kiersten Essenpreis and Jen Altman touch on the tougher side of growing up.

German photographer Loretta Lux (above) creates images of children captured in moments of forced stillness. Their big eyes in unusually large heads seeming to be on the verge of tears. Their proper clothes and poses are unsettling, perhaps masking darker secrets. Jill Greenberg (below) photographs children in the midst of raw emotion: "The honesty of a child's feelings is undeniable and draws you into the photograph. Perhaps because kids experience the kind of powerful emotions that we, as adults, have supressed in ourselves."

This weekend marks the last two days of the Principal's Office display, next door to UPPERCASE in One Blue Wall Gallery. Please visit us for a lingering look (art will be 20% off). On Saturday at 2pm, Deidre will be be presenting "Games of Wonder & Amusement." We promise not to make you cry.