Games of Wonder and Amusement

It's all fun and games until someone loses a shoe.

Our UPPERCASE impromptu game of hopscotch was inspired by Libby Clarke's playful series of polaroids. Her images capture the simple street beauty of this early childhood pastime.

The vintage toys pictured below were inspiration for the "Games of Wonder and Amusement" poster I collaborated on with the  remarkably talented, Calgary-based illustrator Kim Smith.


An illustrated cultural history of old school games, including: What's the Time, Mr. Wolf?, London Bridge Is Falling Down, Musical Chairs, Pick-Up Sticks, Sardines, Nicky-Nicky Nine Doors, Spin the Bottle, Leap Frog and many more, the "Games of Wonder and Amusement" poster was a project I conceived while living in London last year. It wasn't until I moved back to Calgary and had the good fortune to discover Kim Smith's artwork, that the project became a reality. It was a great pleasure to collaborate with Kim and I hope to work with her again soon. Her concept and illustration work on the poster far exceeded my original vision. Thanks Kim!

Hat's off to Brooklyn-based artist Kiersten Essenpreis who contributed a stunning piece to the Old School exhibition and book. "Red Rover, Red Rover' captures the serious, and subtly menacing, side of private school girls at play. It is haunting and beautiful at the same time, quite like the darker memories I have of childhood games.

And, on the more romantic side, remember playing the game "He Loves Me..." when you were young? Blair Kelly's linocut print celebrates this traditional game of young hearts and wishes in a traditional artistic medium.

And on that note, don't forget to purchase your Old School art soon! Our exhibition is fast approaching its close and we hope that all these amazing artworks find a loving home. It has been a joy having them up in the gallery and I can personally attest to the unique sense of wonder and awe they inspire.