It's your bag

Introducing our latest product: It's your bag. Have your say! Your name, message or other greeting will be printed on a canvas bag for all to see! It will be typeset in beautiful Clarendon in black, orange and blue as shown in this example. Say as much or as little as you want—we’ll adjust the font size to fit it all in! Just send us your text in an email after you place your order. (We reserve the right to refuse profane language or inappropriate messages.)

We've also upgraded the quality of the canvas bags for our Initial Bags for which you can choose your initial or favourite letter and we'll make one especially for you. I've also made some Old School graphics for some limited edition black cloth bags (just 10 will be made). You can use felt-tip markers to draw on the bag and make it your own. The cool thing about these looseleaf-inspired bags is they get better with age: as the bag gets wrinkled the looseleaf looks more and more like actual paper!