Creative Customer Appreciation

One of the great perks to working at UPPERCASE is meeting all the creative people who pass through the shop. Today I met an inspiring artist named Sara Vann who is a Calgary-based singer-songwriter and a music therapist. What started out as a conversation about the tactile joy of papergoods and the whimsical beauty of Little Otsu cards evolved into a great discussion of books, art, and the creative process.

My thanks (playful typography courtesy of Bryan Dalton) go out to Sarah and so many other customers who frequent UPPERCASE. Your kind and generous spirits are appreciated and I hope you continue to make regular visits to the shop and attend our exhibitions. We would also love to hear from customers who visit UPPERCASE on line. If you have ideas or suggestions, please send us an email (

I am enjoying listening to Sarah's music and urge others to check out her website. Thanks to all for sharing and keep in touch!