Nigel Peake

For one of Glen's Christmas presents, I purchased a Guide to Fifty-nine Fields by Nigel Peake. Nigel Peake is an Edinburgh-based artist. "A world renowned field expert, let Nigel open your unseeing eyes to the fields that surround you. Whether it's a field of leaves, bikes, beehives, or a conversation of birds, after familiarizing yourself with the Nigel's chart, a world of fields will reveal itself all around you. Perhaps you work in a bookshop -- or perhaps you work in a field of books. On one hand you are trapped in a cave -- on the other hand, you are reclining in a field of bats. Do you live in a messy home? Or do you live in a field of cats and sneakers? Nigel Peake's Illustrated Guide to Fields will effortlessly transport you to a land of fields in the life-side where you've always dreamed of living." Visit Nigel's website and blog to view more of his work.

{ Video discovered via Analogue Books. }