Type Tuesday: Crispin Hellion Glover

You might know Crispin Hellion Glover best for his role as George McFly from the movie Back to the Future. ("My density brought me to you," is one of my all-time favourite movie lines.) Through his publishing enterprise Vulcanic Eruptions, Glover has also published some book works, in which the meanings of old texts are modifed with blackouts (or "spindles" as he called them) and other obfuscations. "Studies in Rat Catching" is a bizarre and afflicted publication which is best read after watching the Glover movie Willard.

Long ago, I saw Glover read from his books through a presentation called the "Big Slide Show." Hosted in the dankess of Calgary's Republik nightclub (circa mid to late nineties), it was a strange evening, at once oddly unsettling and strangely exhilarating. Following the presentation, I mustered the nerve to ask Glover to sign my sketchbook, in which he drew one of his spindles.

Seemingly stuck in a time warp, Glover's website looks the same as it did back then. He is still performing the Big Slide Show, in Olympia (Washington) later this week, and then in Helsinki on October 30.

{View images from Glover's book on Austin Kleon's flickr. Cover image from Reality Studio}