The Working Proof

The Working Proof is a new online shop and blog that offers affordable prints (under $100). I love seeing images of the work in progress: you can almost smell the ink!

"Each print is paired by the artist with a charity to which we will donate 15% of each sale — creating what we believe to be a product with not just aesthetic, but social value. Our charities support a wide range of causes including humanitarian outreach, animal rights, environment, and research. Prints are produced by the artist, rather than by us, giving the artist complete creative control, and allowing for a wide variety of print mediums (upcoming: screenprint, letterpress, linocut, and giclee, to name a few!).

This week, we released "A New Rescue", by Heather Smith Jones — a five-color letterpress print on Rives Heavyweight 175gsm paper.  Heather paired her print with Smile Train, a charity that offers free cleft surgeries to children in need. What Heather says about the print: "I like to layer representational imagery with pattern and arrange the parts in an abstract or narrative way. In this print I have included imagery of a butterfly, seashell, rose of sharon blossom and a wooden boat, each growing from a vine that originates from a tree stump. The boat to me symbolizes the idea of a rescue and the stump or tree represents a source of life."