What does ten thousand look like?

For a little over a week, the team of Eclecto-makers and I have been working hard! On Saturday evening, we reached our goal: 10,250 custom-made notebooks beribboned and bound by hand. See those three pallets in the photo above? We did seven in total!

Heartfelt thanks to the amazing team of tireless staplers, collators, xyron-masters, and ribbon-cutters: Jenny, Colleen, Maija, Jen, Bonnie (thanks, Mom!) and gratitude to Glen, Janice, Amanda and Deidre. You were a pleasure to work with!

12,000 feet of ribbon (over two miles!?)
30,750 staples
4 pizzas
lots of coffee
1 batch of rice crispie squares (thanks, Colleen!)
many tired hands