Expansion News!

For those of you who drop by my store in Calgary, you may have already figured this out: Glen and I are expecting a baby in March! I am expanding, literally.

I don't normally share such personal information on my blog, but this is such momentous news that it merits a special announcement. With this life-changing event in my near future, I have been thinking about the future of UPPERCASE. My passion lies in publishing and creating: the magazine, our books and making unique products is where I would like to dedicate my time. The next issues of the magazine are already in progress and I'm planning two books that will be published in the fall of 2010. It is truly exhilarating and fulfilling to conceptualize, design, write, and edit the magazine and our books and I look forward to spending more time focussed on these pursuits.

There will be some changes in the new year, specifically to the physical storefront in Art Central. I will be closing the store in Art Central, beginning in January for a hiatus/maternity leave. We will no longer be stocking the products and books from other companies, but customers will still be able to purchase our publications and products. I love my space in Art Central and UPPERCASE will be there for a long time; the space will just be evolving over the next while. I will continue to host exhibitions, special events and participate in First Thursdays, although perhaps on a more limited basis for the first while.

The blog and online shop will continue as usual and I have some new ideas that I look forward to implementing online early in the new year.
It has been an exciting year; the magazine is doing really well (nearly 900 subscribers!) and UPPERCASE published two books: Jen11 and the brand new Camilla Engman book.
For those in Calgary, I invite you to join us this Thursday for the launch of Camilla's book. The store is also fully-stocked with great (and affordable) Christmas gifts so I hope to see you soon.
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. It is gratifying to know that UPPERCASE has such an appreciative audience.