Another magazine favourite has seen its last days. F+W (they also publish How and Print) are ending the 55-year run of I.D. magazine. "Certainly the downturn in print advertising has contributed to this decision," says the company's president here, "but other factors include the fragmentaton and specialized information needs of I.D.'s core readers (product designers) and the plethora of information resources available to them—some for free (online and B2B) and others that are highly specialized and targeted to specific industries served."

I'm really saddened by this news; that yet another magazine with really great content and a long history has been shuttered. Even though I publish a magazine, I NEED other magazines in my life! They offer other perspectives, other ideas, other worlds of inspiration.

But UPPERCASE carries on with its small, streamlined staff (hey, that's me!), talented and enthusiastic Editor-at-Large Deidre Martin, the ever-helpful Jenny Tzanakos and the generous family of UPPERCASE writers, illustrators, photographers and collaborators. Thank you to our amazing subscribers (954!) who believe in our content and vision.

Although we offer a few pages of ads in each issue, our model for sustainability is based on subscribers, not advertising. Please keep your subscriptions and renewals coming in! As the magazine approaches its first anniversary, it has surpassed all of my expectations—and hopefully yours as well.

This past week I have been immersed in the design of Issue 4 and I am very happy with how it is shaping up. (The cover is almost ready to be revealed!) I will post some teaser images soon.