Veer Remix Notebooks!

If you were wondering who we were making 10,000 notebooks for, the amazing client was Veer, the excellent source for stock images and distributor of typefaces! They've posted this preview image (above) on their blog today.

A while ago, I proposed a custom notebook for Veer, using their old print catalogues as the interior pages, interspersed with lined pages. They liked the idea—in a big way! (I had thought perhaps we'd make a few hundred or a thousand and didn't imagine it would turn into such a huge order.) The cover design, by Anna Coe, uses various logotypes, dingbats, and illustrations to spell the word REMIX. The cover is printed on transparent cellulose acetate, so with the randomness of a Veer page showing through, each cover result is unique. The majority of the notebooks we made are for loyal Veer customers, but some notebooks will be in their Merch store in the new year.

Thanks, Veer!