Art Fights Fire

I received an email from Natalie from Arthur's Circus in Australia. She is participating in a fundraiser for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. "It works like this: you buy a ticket and your name and email will be put in a raffle drawn on the 25th of February and you could be the lucky owner of a new artwork from one of the very fancy Artists. Such as : Angelina Houtkamp, Apak, Audrey Kawasaki, Beci Orpin, Ghostpatrol, Gina Garan, Jenny Hart, Lab Partners, Neryl Walker, Shag and many many more. So there's lots of chances to win an art prize from one of the above. All we ask is that if you are unable to pick up, you need to foot the bill for postage and you will be emailed if you win a prize. International folk you can enter too." Click here.