'A Tale of Springtime'

The four films in French New Wave director Eric Rohmer's Contes des 4 Saisons explore intimate relationships and moral dilemmas through the lens of each changing season. Distinguished by long bits of dialogue, naturalist settings, the use of non-professional actors and a decidedly philosophical bend, Rohmer's films are slow and sophisticated cinematic meditations on love and life. If you like 'walking and talking' movies populated by beautiful young couples struggling to make sense of their choices, Rohmer's your man.

"Contre de printemps' begins the collection and is well worth watching if you can locate a copy. Urban gardens, leafy parks, spring blossoms and tiny Parisienne apartments stacked with old books, set the stage for a young couple's season of romantic entanglement.

The Senses of Cinema on line journal provides a concise review of  'A Tale of Springtime' (english title).