Natalie Gerber

Similar in spirit to my Eclecto notebooks, Natalie Gerber's unique purses, clutches and apparel use vintage and reclaimed fabrics.

"In a society of consumers where low cost, mass-market companies thrive to produce cheap, fast fashion, Natalie Gerber exemplifies eco-chic in her accessories, apparel and homewares made in Canada from reclaimed (recycled) materials and aged souvenirs. By using reclaimed materials she infuses sustainability into all her products from the start and through keeping the production local she lessens the carbon footprint of the company with lower transportation needs. Furthermore, with local production Natalie Gerber can ensure that her products are made sweat-shop free, in a healthy and fair working environment."

Her products are beautiful and useful, well-made and one-of-a-kind. {available in her online boutique and in Collage Gallery, Art Central}