UPPERCASE loves Etsy

Work on the second issue is well underway and we have a few pages reserved for advertising. I would like to feature one page of Etsy sellers since the site has been such a great resource for finding artists for the gallery, sellers for my store, illustrators and photographers for the magazine, and great inspiration and advice from Etsy's articles and emails.

Since the magazine was first announced, the vast majority of UPPERCASE magazine single issue purchases and subscriptions have been from online customers: our readership are people who do shop online, making them a the perfect audience for Etsy sellers from near and far.

The rates for these small marketplace ads, as illustrated above, are very inexpensive for print advertising. We also include a link to your site (which will become a bit more prominent as the website organization evolves over the next weeks).

Subscribers rate: $72 CAD or $62.31 USD by today's rate
For non-subscribers: $90 CAD or $77.88 USD by today's rate

Please fill in this form to apply for an ad space.