Slow and steady

A note to our subscribers in the USA: I know some of you are still waiting for your magazines to arrive! Seems that Canada Post was a little slower than promised, but please be patient—they'll arrive soon. Now that we have a larger base of subscribers, I can look into other options that might be more efficient for round 3. It's all part of growing from 0 to 500+ subscribers in a short while!

We're grateful for all the love and attention you've given our fledgling magazine. We hope to welcome many more subscribers in the weeks and months ahead.

We have just a few single copies available in our online shop and we're reserving the rest for new subscribers who sign up between now and issue 3. If you'd like to try out issue 2 before committing to a subscription, single copies are available from our fabulous stockists (across Canada, pockets of the USA plus the UK and Australia). There are also some preview images of the summer edition posted here and you can read a representational portion of the spring launch issue here. Thanks!