Surprise Ball

UPPERCASE magazine subscriber, Gina Namkung, makes these incredible Surprise Balls, little balls filled with fun treats. She recently sent one to Sandra Juto, who shot the images above.

“From as far back as I can remember, be it a ring from a gumball vending machine, a Cracker Jack prize, the thrill of a piñata, Christmas stocking treats, I have always been drawn to small things. The desire to include items that are ephemeral, whimsical, charming and or amusing set mine apart from others - this is what I hope. It’s the quality of the goods (and sometimes rarity) that matters...for some it may be hard to open (and I kind of like that) but people are never disappointed by what they find inside.”

Great idea, Gina! The surprise balls are available at Kiosk. (Look for photography by Sandra Juto in the fall issue of UPPERCASE magazine.)