Back to Old School

This morning I am returning to the Alberta College of Art & Design as an instructor. Every Monday until Christmas, I'll be teaching a course in which 4th year students research a favourite topic and complete a publication design on the subject from start to finish. It's basically what I do on a daily basis, so I'm looking forward to the class. (Since I can't quite be two places at once, the store will be closed on Mondays.)

It has been a year since we presented Old School, the book and exhibition in which the shop was transformed into a classroom. It certainly was a fun show and the book was a success. There are just a few dozen copies left, so get yours while you can! The star is actually one of those metallic teacher stickers that we place by hand on each book. The book comes with an official Old School pencil, too.

To see more of the development of the book and the show, visit my flickr set.