A simple seed...

Awe-inspiring art

"Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seeds challenges our first impressions: what you see is not what you see, and what you see is not what it means. The sculptural installation is made up of what appear to be millions of sunflower seed husks, apparently identical but actually unique. Although they look realistic, each seed is made out of porcelain. And far from being industrially produced, 'readymade' or found objects, they have been intricately hand-crafted by hundreds of skilled artisans."

Watch another video here and read about the exhibition on the Tate website. {discovered via Magpie and Cake, lots to see over there!}

A SIDE NOTE: I have been back from the Mossy Shed (such an amazing experience, will post more soon. Tif and her clan were such amazing hosts.) for a few days but taken over by boxes. Shipping boxes in and out, boxing orders, receiving the shipment of The Elegant Cockroach from China, notecard box designs, email inboxes... plus we're painting the walls and laying new floor in our house, so everything is in a state of chaos. Once the dust settles, I'll be back for a more regular posting schedule.