Work for UPPERCASE: Advertising Manager


Advertising Manager

UPPERCASE magazine is a quality publication with a growing international audience. In past issues, we have had a small number of ads but not the time or resources to really explore this potential. Generating some additional revenue through ad pages would be of great assistance in covering the substantial costs of production.

The Advertising Manager would develop a successful and consistent base of advertisers which would include our past partners but, in particular, new contacts appreciative of our niche audience and design aesthetic. The ratio of content to ads will stay the same; more pages will be added as required.


• generate new advertising relationships

• communicate with current advertising clients

• coordinate ad artwork

• invoice advertisers


Independent: must be able to work remotely. You must reside either in Canada or the USA, but be readily available by email and phone. Local Calgary candidates are welcome to apply as well.

Communicator: courteous with good email and writing skills.

Organized: must meet deadlines, handle various contacts and projects simultaneously.

Knowledgeable: must be very familiar with UPPERCASE magazine and blog, its readership and its mandate.

Connected: should have experience with advertising sales in print or online.

Smart: must be able to develop strategies to identify and attract potential UPPERCASE advertisers

Confident: must be able to cold call/email potential advertisers and do follow up.

Savvy: should have an eye for design: all incoming ads should be well-designed and in keeping with the magazine’s look and feel. Basic knowledge of artwork files and print requirements are an asset.


This position will be paid on a commission basis.

To apply, please email a letter of introduction to janine at uppercasemagazine dot com explaining who you are and how you are suited to this position. Please attach a resume and include any links to your websites, flickr, blog, references, etc if applicable.