Featured European Stockist: Magazero

Magazero is an online destination for interesting magazines from around the world. The site was bourne out of love of the medium:

"The aim of Magazero is to make the best magazines from around the world available.

When Borders closed down I realised how much I missed having a store that I could just wander into and browse the magazine racks. Sure, there are many great mag stores in London and a few where I live, but it seemed that the distribution channels for the world of independent magazines were closing down. Most people wouldn’t have a local store that stocked this stuff. And even in the great stores, I was aware that a lot of mags were missing.

So Magazero aims to bring you not just the same old favourites but to ferret out magazines from around the world and make them available. This makes me an importer, I locate greatness and bring it home and make it available to anyone. It’s a complicated business but endlessly satisfying."

You can purchase issue #6 and #7 from Magazero and they have a special offer of free postage for European orders!