Type Tuesday: Letraset Tour de Force

I was happy to be able to contribute some letraset from my stash to Calgary poet Derek Beaulieu. His recently completed visual poem is over 4 feet wide, so it is no wonder his dry transfer lettering supplies were dwindling!

Derek describes his project:

"This piece draws inspiration from Blaise Cendrars' 1913 composition "Prose of the Trans-Siberian and of Little Jehanne of France" (see image below). Cendrars' original—a key modernist text in the history of visual poetry—was originally published as an accordion fold booklet. When each copy was unfolded, and the entire print run of 150 copies (only 30 of which are thought to survive) was laid end-to-end, the measurements were the same as the Eiffel Tower—the symbol of Parisian modernity.
My letraset poem is 13.5" wide by 52.5" long—and at that length if 150 copies were laid end-to-end, the height would echo that of the Calgary Tower—the symbol of Calgarian 'Modernity.'
I believe that this piece exemplifies my visual practice and is a playful intersection between poetry and graphic art, score and painting, book art and poster-poem—a joyful celebration of the possibilities of language."