Please renew!

I've just sent out a second renewal notice to our inaugural subscribers. If you started with the very first issue, then issue 4, with the bird on the cover, was the last issue included in the initial subscription.

This is an important time for the magazine: our inaugural subscribers represent almost a quarter of all subscribers so it is really vital that people continue to support the magazine by renewing. I'm not sure what a typical renewal rate is for a magazine, but then our magazine isn't typical! We're hoping for as high a renewal rate as possible since the magazine is almost entirely funded by subscriptions. From this point on, asking for renewals will become a regular necessity, along with nurturing new subscribers. Beyond the pleasure of content gathering, design and working with our collaborators, there's certainly lots to manage! (Thanks, Jenny, for your tremendous help.)

Part of the unique quality of UPPERCASE magazine is the open dialogue I have as editor/publisher/designer with our readers. Through this blog and your emails, I'm in direct contact with many subscribers and have gotten to know you through your blogs, flickr and messages of support. You offer so much inspiration, thank you!

I hope you are all equally inspired by our quarterly publishing efforts.

{We will send you renewal notices by email when your subscription is nearing an end, but you are more than welcome to renew your subscription anytime by clicking here. We'll add four (or eight) more issues on to your current subscription.}

Thank you!!!