Issue 5 is here!

Issue 5 has sprung! It is a gorgeous issue (thanks, Matte Stephens for the lovely cover) and is bursting with content and inspirations.

Personally, it was a significant issue for me: I had to get the entire thing edited and designed before the baby arrived! In fact, I received the proofs back from the printer on a Friday, reviewed them on Saturday and got the return shipment entered with fedex so that it was waiting in my mailbox for pickup after the weekend. Good thing I did, since Finley was born that Monday afternoon.

Thank you to Chris Young and the hard-working people at Printcrafters who do a great job printing the magazine each and everytime. It was nice to know that I could send it off and not have to worry.

Here are some snapshots of some favourite spreads.

Like with previous issues, there are always images up on the blog before anything will be arriving in your mailboxes. Please allow 2 weeks for Canadian/US subscriptions to arrive, 3-4 weeks for Europe and up to a month for orders going to Australia. Subscribe or renew today!